Ahimsa Silk

Do you know that most silk is made by boiling live cocoons at very high temperatures?
This process kills the moth inside the cocoon and its shell is then unraveled and spun into threads.
Most people are not aware of the process of silk production and those who do, don't know they have a choice otherwise.

But you do have a choice …
Ahimsa (non violence) silk is produced by cocoons raised in the wild till they mature and the moth escapes the cocoon. All the fabrics listed below are weaved on hand loom and available as Fair Trade Products. Click on the tags to purchase fabric by the yard or order a sample swatch...

$25.00 per Yard
$15.00 per Yard
$30.00 per Yard
$35.00 per Yard

A sample of the fabric (6 inch square) can be shipped to you for $5.00 (including shipping).
Please specify in the comment which fabric would you like to sample.